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1.Britannia Two Step 3-44

  The Alexandria Reel/A. Rankine

  The Berwickshire Volunteers/Trad

  Edmond MacKenzie of Plockton/A. Rankine

2.Fishy Medley 3-18

  The Boys of Bluehill/Trad

  Bobby Dunlops Jig/Trad

  The Inside Oot Fish Eater/P. Wood

3.Scottish Waltz 3-12

  Lovely Stornaway/C. Kennedy

  Westering Home/H. Roberton

  The Northern Lights/M. Webb

4.Military Two Step 2-28

  The Teddy Bears Picnic/J. Braton

5.Kilt Swingers 2-36

  The Royal Mile/K. McKellar

  The Tartan/K. Mckellar

6.The Dasher 3-37

  The Dashing White Sergeant/ Original

  Lord Randolph’s Bride/Trad

  Zander (Shetland)/P.Wood

7.The Year 2000 2-28

  Harald Maddadsson’s Two Step/P. Wood

8.Braw Waltzes 3-01

  Margaret’s Waltz/P. Shaw

  Luna’s Waltz/P. Wood

9.Down Under Marches 3-35

  Waltzing Matilda/B Paterson

  Along the Road to Gundagai/J. O’Hagan

  South Australia/Trad

  Click go the Shears/Trad

10.Spey and Road 2-45

  The Music of the Spey/J. Skinner

  Calum’s Road/D. Shaw

11.Scandinavian Style Waltz 2-40

  Duggie’s Waltz/P. Wood

12.Aussie Pipe Horpipes 2-53

  Acid Piper/M. Saul

  The Blair Highlanders/M. Saul

  Young Guns/M. Saul

13.Border Waltz 2-31

  Willie Snaith of Hexham/Sir J. Shand

14.Tango Time 2-53

  Por Una Cabeza/C. Gardel

15.Lovely Air 2-41

  Marie Mackenzie’s Welcome to Caberfeidh/K. MacKenzie

16.Round and Round 3-40

  Circassion Circle/Trad

  JT’s Reel/P. Wood

  The Libraeian/P. Wood

17.Scottish Italian Waltz 3-38

  Roamin Glens/P. Wood

18.Irish Polkas 2-48

  Jer the Rigger/Trad

  Dark Girl/Trad



  Mike Coen’s/Trad

19.Norske Barn Dance 3-14

  You’re a Star, Mrs Hibbert!/P. Wood

20.Reels To Be Sure 4-30

  The Green Fields of America/Trad

  The Ships Are Sailing/Trad

  Dick Gossips Reel/Trad

  Cooley’s Reel/Trad

Peter Wood -accordions, piano/bass and drums

Thanks to Tom Cruickshank (The Squeeze Box Shop) for the use of the Alessandrina Celt accordion on tracks 2, 8, 9,10, 12, 18.

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