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Why not commission a tune for someone special in your life. A wonderful gift for someone who loves music or to mark a special occasion in someone’s life.

You decide what kind of tune you would like a Jig, March, Two Step, Reel or maybe something a bit gentler like a Slow Air or a Waltz. Then decide on a name for your tune. After a discussion about who the tune is for and what the occasion is I will compose the perfect tune to mark the occasion memorably.

The Full Package cost £200.00

What your package Includes

- Framed, Signed Manuscript

- CD of your tune personally recorded by myself with Accordion

- Your CD will be uniquely printed with title of tune and specially designed cover including a picture of your choice

Wedding Tunes

From a personal point of view of playing music at weddings over the last twenty five years here are some tips if you are thinking about a commissioned tune for that special couple.

Think what kind of tune suits the couple you are thinking off.

1. A march could be used for the grand march or a Gay Gordon’s , but make sure the composer has presented at least a four part tune or a rondo style tune (similar to a two- step played in parts ABACA) or the personalised tune will be over before anyone has realised it has taken place.

2. A two-step could also be the choice more so in Shetland as it is the most popular dance but also the hardest for a composer to come up with something original because of its general structure.

3. In Shetland a reel can work well if the first dance after the Grand March is an Eightsome Reel as the lines of the March end in natural eights.

4. In Scotland the wedding waltz is always the chosen first dance of the evening with the happy couple leading the floor. If you choose a waltz for the couple it can also be used as a theme through the wedding day (many people struggle with the what tune would suit the entrance into the church or wedding location, what better than your own )

5. At the end of the day this is a special occasion for everyone involved so if you have a different idea I would be glad to speak about it with you, just about everything is possible.

6. Last thing remember the recorded package & sheet music as a present it’s most likely the happy couple won’t remember it on the day as much as it will mean to them after the event.

7. All tunes recorded and listened to myself and fellow musicians before presenting to you, making sure they don’t sound like others, it is not worth my reputation.

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